Foundation Package
The Foundation Package is a set of three of the most important mixtures used to give the horse a basic nutritional foundation.  These provide the primary building blocks and address the most common problems of the horse.  The set consists of Herbal Maintenance, Herbal Immune, and Stomach Powder.  See the links "Maintenance", "Infection (any kind)", and "Ulcers"

The package is an excellent way to start out a recently acquired horse and to help give any horse a good nutritional foundation.  The horse's quick response illustrates how much it needed these herbs.  Most, if not all, supplements can be eliminated.  Any stable would do well to keep its horses on these basics, and the resultant savings from eliminating supplements make it a good economic, as well as conditioning, proposition.  Any racehorse claimed will benefit very quickly.  Discounts are given for multiple packages.

The horse should show some improvement within three days.  Many horses show a dramatic change for the better very quickly.  After three weeks, the horse should show a marked improvement in appearance and should be in a better frame of mind.  If Maintenance is repeated, improvement should continue for a few weeks more. 

One Foundation Package costs only $160 plus shipping.  This is a saving of $30 over the cost of the products if ordered separately. 

1 Foundation Package - $160
(1 Maintenance, 1 Immune, 1 Stomach Powder)

5 Foundation Packages - $750 ($150 each)
(5 Maintenance, 5 Immune, 5 Stomach Powder)