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This site describes services and products to help all breeds of horses, particularly performance horses and, especially, racehorses.  All have been used with a great deal of success for a good number of years.  Emphasis is on effectiveness, absence of adverse effects, and economy

Herbs, used properly, have advantages over packaged supplements because they are foods containing the nutrients a horse needs in a form naturally available and used best by the body.  These mixtures will not unbalance a horse's system like megadoses of vitamins and minerals can and often do.  They have no destructive side effects.  Most horses readily accept them; if not at first, then after a short time.  The products have been used effectively for many years throughout the United States and around the world in many racing and other competitive settings, and have never tested positive or caused a bad reaction.  They contain no harmful herbs.  Don't confuse them with other commercial or backyard herbal mixtures. 

When I studied the uses and effects of herbs some years ago, I found that horses react dramatically and rapidly to the proper herbal mixtures - much more so than humans do.  This is what encouraged me to apply my herbal knowledge to my background with racehorses. 

There has been some misuse of herbs for horses by newcomers who don't have the proper background or ethical approach.  Don't make the mistake of avoiding my herbal products just because you have heard that others have been ineffective or harmful.  There are also a few insecure or somewhat uneducated vets who dismiss or run down my mixtures, while others recommend and use them.  Be assured that these mixtures do work and work well.  Don't be afraid to give them a try. 

Most bulk packages supply a horse for between 3 weeks to a month.  Mixtures can be adjusted or custom blended to suit particular problems.  Some of the mixtures are now also available in powder form.

I encourage anyone interested to contact me about their horses' problems.

Special programs are available for infertile stallions and mares which have been difficult to catch and carry a foal.  (See the link "BREEDING PROBLEMS.")

Horses on these mixtures have won many races, including multi-million dollar stakes, and show horses have competed successfully on them.  One was an Eclipse Award Winner.  Five horses have been saved from having to be destroyed and were returned to normal usefulness after having been pronounced incurable.


-  Irisdiagnosis is used to evaluate problems and give indications of potential.

-  Impact Bodywork is the deepest, most thorough massage a horse can get.

-  The QG is a very useful device for many lameness problems.

I have bought and gotten for free both thoroughbreds and standardbreds which were considered worthless, or nearly worthless, and turned them back into useful and successful racehorses.  Count On Dolly (Cost: $1), picture on the upper left, won $140,000.  She won a $100,000 claimer at age 7, and a $45,000 Allowance race at age 8 (click for story).  Lingerie Hanover (cost: $3,500), picture on the upper right, won over $130,000 (click for story).  Electrojet (cost $1), Law N Order (cost $1,000), Kassa Girl (cost $2,500), Zachery B Good (cost $0), Birdseed (cost $1), and Kissin Prince (cost $5,000) are also horses I owned that I resurrected.  Other success stories can be seen by clicking the "Success Stories" and "The QG Device" links on the left.  Of course they couldn't have raced successfully without having had very good trainers. 

Clients include prominent thoroughbred, standardbred, and show horse trainers, owners, veterinarians, and breeders.  All client information is kept confidential unless the client requests making it public or gives permission to use it.  For this reason some of my most notable successes such as a Breeders Cup win and other prestigious races both here and abroad won't be found in this site.

BACKGROUND   I studied with a Master Herbalist and have adapted, practiced, and refined my expertise in herbal equine treatment since 1983.  To my knowledge, I was one of the first to apply the use of herbs in the treatment of horses since the practice faded out many years ago.  A licensed trainer, both Thoroughbred and Standardbred, I have practiced alternative equine therapy since 1983 and worked as a veterinary assistant for several years.  My successful subjects include some of the most valuable horses in recent years.

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