Impact Bodywork

If you have horses in the New York metropolitan area that need loosening up or are sore, I can help. 

This type of treatment is novel and strange-looking, but is very effective.  I use it on my own horses regularly and to prepare them and many others for racing.  It is ALWAYS effective.

It is done carefully with a mallet and a padded block of wood.  It usually takes no more than 10 minutes.  Only muscles are affected.  It is the best way to reach the deepest muscles and, in my experience, no other treatment can match it.  All the horses I have treated this way have tolerated it and usually loved it.  They often yawn and sigh when I am done.  Entire male horses often show the effect in another more graphic way.  Most horses known to be nasty and hard to handle get into it and enjoy it after the first few blows.  Unbridled Song, Seattle Encounter, and Jet Jockey were among them.  Their handlers were amazed at how they cooperated and responded.  Many won their races right after having been hammered.  Many of the horses on the "Success Stories" page were prepped that way, including all of my own.  A thoroughbred I recently prepped this way won easily at Aqueduct, breaking his maiden, paying $48 to win.

I have given owners and trainers demonstrations on themselves.  This has usually led to their asking me to do their horses.

I apply Impact Bodywork to many prominent jockeys and harness drivers.  It loosens them up and gets rid of muscular spasms.  Some of the better-known regulars were: drivers Ron Pierce, Jack Moiseyev, and Mike Gagliardi and jockeys Jose Santos, Mike Smith, Julie Krone, Angel Cordero (when he was a trainer), and Braulio Baeza (when he was a trainer).  Lately I have worked on top jockeys John Velazquez, Edgar Prado, Javier Castellano, Jorge Chavez, and Herb McCauley and I have regularly been treating one of the more successful trainers at the NYRA tracks, himself.  I regularly work on a prominent surgeon, giving special attention to his hands.

Price: $35 per application.

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Impact Bodywork

Angel Cordero
July 2008