If you have horses in the New York metropolitan area with problems which have not been successfully diagnosed, I can help.  If you are planning to buy horses, I can advise you on their problems, their constitutions, and their potential class.  My findings can be a valuable addition to a veterinary examination.  Before you reject the fact that irisdiagnosis is possible, try me.  I have enjoyed watching the understandingly skeptical vets', trainers', and owners' faces drop after I accurately evaluated horses they tested me with.

Using Irisdiagnosis (iridology) adapted for horses, I have successfully evaluated both Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds for over 20 years.  The iris of the eye reflects many conditions in the body because in it there is a corresponding area for every part of the body.  Although many doctors in Europe utilize irisdiagnosis, it is rarely used in the United States.  Its practice appears strange at first, but an accurate iris exam of your horse will soon prove its validity.  It was ingeniously adapted for horses by Oscar (Smiley) Belliveau with whom I worked for many years, refining the practice with extensive use.

I have served as consultant for several vets, and have checked some prominent stables' horses regularly with exceptional results.  Several racing stables have had their trainers win the leading trainers title for the meet.

Most of the horses in the "Success Stories" link were diagnosed this way, including all the horses that I acquired.  I have found bargains for clients and myself at sales and privately.  A good example of this was my purchase of Kassa Girl, an aged pacing mare who had been laboring in $4,000 claimers.  I checked her eyes and saw class potential and indications of internal problems which I felt I could correct.  Against all advice I purchased her for $2,500 and put her on a herbal program.  She won 9 races that year at Yonkers Raceway, going up the claiming ladder and won in every claiming class from $4,000 to $20,000. 

As you can imagine, it is a very valuable tool for finding current and potential problems in prospective purchases. 

I have warned prospective buyers against buying horses that appeared to have no physical problems but irisdiagnosis showed me that they actually did have them.  A standardbred trainer had me check a horse which was for sale for $250,000, but he bought him against my strong advice not to.  The horse never raced again, but the prominent trainer who sold him (the late Carl Allen) became a good client of mine on the basis of my evaluation.  He knew I had found the problem he had neglected to reveal.  He used my mixtures on his best filly, the 2yo Trotting Filly of the Year (C R K Susie).

On the other hand, quite a few horses I selected went on to be very successful racehorses earning money for clients and partners. 

Price: $35 per single evaluation, Group rates for stables and horse sales.

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