Herbal Supplement to help heal broken bones:
Healing Maintenance

Feed supplement to help heal broken bones faster and stronger.

This mixture is a special form of Herbal Maintenance formulated to help heal broken bones more solidly and more quickly.  See Maintenance.

1 bag - Approximately 1 month supply - $60

This mixture was first used on Kissin Prince, World Record holder for aged pacers, who broke a coffin bone badly.  When his vets said the bone had healed poorly with a "fibrous union" and that he would never race again, I bought him.  After a few months on this mixture the bone had healed and Prince was put back into training.  X-rays showed a strong union this time, amazing the vets.  He raced seven more years for me, winning many races and $100,000.  At age 13 he broke a sesamoid bone winning his last race.  He was again put on the mixture and retired, although he became sound enough to race again, jogging every day.

This story illustrates that the mixture can mend even a most difficult broken bone.  Of course it can help the horse with a less seriously broken bone heal more quickly and stronger than with only stall rest.

Kissin Prince was on regular Herbal Maintenance the entire time I had him, raced over 130 races, and was never on lasix.  The picture shows Prince at age 13 after the sesamoid healed.

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