To Prepare a Horse for a Race:
Herbal PR and PRP

Herbal PRP is a multifunctional mixture which aids in all areas of concern for a horse racing - particularly a bleeder.  It requires somewhat involved preparation but can be very effective.  It is also available already mixed and ready to use.  The longer the race or competition, the more effective it is.  It has recently been improved, with even greater results.  During a recent one week period, three horses racing used it, each at a different track - all three won. 

Herbal PR is a simpler version which can be used for non-bleeders to aid in breathing.  It requires simple cooking.

1 dose - For 1 race - No help for bleeding - $25
1 dose - For bleeder - Requires cooking - $45
PRP Mixed
1 dose - For Bleeder - Ready to Use - $65
Requires refrigeration to keep

PRP 2 dose pack
2 doses - For Bleeder - $70
PRP 3 dose pack
3 doses - For Bleeder - $90
PRP 6 dose pack
6 doses - For Bleeder - $160
The leftover mash produced after cooking and straining the unmixed products can be reused if desired.  Cook as before.

Horses on these mixtures have won races at most tracks in the United States and at some tracks in Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.  Many paid mutual prices over $100, with the highest paying $164 to win.

Trainers of closers are advised to have the jockey or driver make his move a little earlier in the race to take advantage of the improved final kick the horse should have.

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