Regulate a filly or mare's reproductive cycle without side effects and improve her attitude and performance:
Mare Repro

This is a very effective mixture which usually brings improvement within a few days.  It is used on fillies and mares who go in and out of heat too often, sometimes becoming sour and difficult to handle or train.  Their cycles become more normal and they become happier and easier to handle and train.  Any stable that gets fillies or mares from time to time should have some Mare Repro on hand.  Just give any new new one Repro for 2 or 3 days.  Chances are good that most, if not all, will improve.  Every filly I gave Repro to this year, including Stakes fillies, has improved.

Also will help problem broodmares conceive.  It has allowed valuable broodmares to conceive where they were unable to before.  Used for this purpose, usually only 1 bag is necessary, and it is to be discontinued once the mare has been bred.  This makes it a very economical proposition.

Use instead of Regumate.  (And women don't have to worry about handling it.)

Mare Repro
1 lb - 3 week to 1 month supply - $60
Another suggested use: If a filly or mare has a hind end problem that hasn't responded to treatment of stifles, hocks, etc., it is possible that she has an ovary problem.  Giving her Mare Repro will likely solve the problem in a few days if that is the case.  This is not common, but I have seen it often enough to suggest it when nothing else seems to work.

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