Use where ulcers are diagnosed or suspected:
Stomach Powder

My most popular product.

Sprinkle a handful (60cc) over the feed once a day, twice a day in serious cases.  Results are seen shortly, so it can be used as a diagnostic tool to eliminate the need for invasive, expensive diagnostic tests.  Just give for a day or two and see if the horse's attitude improves.  If the horse won't take it this way, make a paste with water.  There will always be a horse you come across with an ulcer so you won't be stuck with the product if your horse doesn't have an ulcer.

Horses treated with and racing on this mixture have won many prestigious races, including four Breeder's Cups ($2 million purse races) in 1998 and many other stakes.  In one of those Breeder's Cup races both the winner and the second horse were on the Stomach Powder.  (The winner was also on Herbal Immune.)

Often, horses are not acting quite right with no apparent problems.  Undiagnosed ulcers can be the problem.  Ulcers are widespread.  Using the Stomach Powder can be the fix very quickly, easily, and much more economically than the current high-priced product.

This product has been tested and found more effective than any other product for ulcers by one of the foremost equine clinics in the world.
1 lb - Approximately 3 week supply   - $70
1 1/4 lbs - Month supply, with scoop    - $85
2 lbs - Approximately 1 1/2 months supply   - $130
Stomach Powder may reduce or stop cribbing.

Much more economical than the current popular product which costs upwards of $35 per DAY!  A horse can be kept on Stomach Powder for 3 weeks for the same price as 3 days on the current popular product.

Much quicker than the newer product that asks you to wait 30 days to see results and 90 days for full effect.

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