Helps Absorb Bone Chips and Spurs:

This powder may be effective over a period of time and may eliminate the need for surgery.  Some users also report a calming effect.  If a horse has a spur with a rough edge which irritates surrounding tendons or ligaments, Stress-M may remove the rough edge within a week or two enough to reduce or eliminate the irritation.  Complete dissolving of a spur or chip requires long-term use and patience, but it may be a cheaper and safer alternative to surgery.  It is sprinkled over the feed once a day.

One user reports that sprinkling a small amount into the water bucket gets horses who don't drink enough to drink normally.  He also says it helps prevent tying up and uses it on race day.

Another user recently reported using larger doses which cleared up chronic hock problems on both his horses.
1 lb - Approximately 3 week supply - $65
2 lbs - Approximately 6 week supply - $95