This page contains news about new or improved products or services and recent developments.

There is a new mixture to help against stocking up.
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Wild Forage is a product I have used for many years with great success.
It is a valuable addition to the diet of any horse.
It is one of the few supplements made by others that I use and recommend.
Wild Forage can no longer be ordered from us. Please contact, mentioning that you were referred from this site.

A new link entitled "Appetite Problems" has been added.
The "Tonic Liquid is used to stimulate the horse's appetite"
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A link entitled "Foundation Package" has been added.
These herbal building blocks can give your horse a good nutritional start
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Flap (epiglottis) problems are being addressed with a new mixture.
If you are interested in taking part in testing this product, email me at: