Help All Types of Lameness:

The QG - A Device to Use for All Types of Lameness

The QG is a non-invasive device tested and used extensively by myself for many lameness problems.  It is available now in a no-frills form and will be marketed in a more polished form in the near future.  The claims I make for it sound impossible but they are all true. I have had many offers from trainers and even from a once skeptical vet, but I wouldn't sell it until now.

This device can be used in most cases in which acupuncture could be helpful and many in which acupuncture cannot.  Its action is somewhat like acupuncture and, in many cases, better.  It is like having the best acupuncturist in your barn, and more. 

The difference is:

- You don't have to know anything about acupuncture
- You don't have to know the exact location of the problem
- There is no puncturing of the skin
- There is no discomfort to the horse
- Its power source is self-contained
- It is completely safe to use around the barn or anywhere else

It was designed by an engineer versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is completely unlike any other device on the market.

The QG can be purchased in its basic form for $500.   It can also be rented for $50 per month - the rental costs can be applied to the purchase price if you decide to buy it after having rented it.  If you are in the New York metropolitan area and would like a QG application on any of your horses, I can do it for $30.  Add Impact Bodywork for another $15 for a total of $45.  Of the last two horses I applied the combination to in November, one won and the other finished 2nd by a head at Aqueduct.  Both had had serious leg problems.

Having one or several in your barn can help most of your horses, and may even resurrect some of the really tough cases you might otherwise give up on.  Its cost is miniscule compared to the money and horseflesh it can save you and your owners.

There are both immediate and long-term benefits.  One half-hour application (front) or one one-hour application (rear) twice a week is all that is necessary, although more is even better.  Use it just before a race on problem areas for immediate results.

The claims sound impossible, but I have used it myself for over 10 years with spectacular results.  It was used on some of the horses mentioned in descriptions of the other products and in the Success Stories section.

I used it on Kissin Prince, Lingerie Hanover, Law N Order, Electrojet, and Kassa Girl the entire time I owned them, as well as Lenny's Wild Again, Mad River Glenn, and all of the horses Angel Cordero trained and many more when they raced.

See Northville on the Success Stories page for an amazing result.

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The Basic QG

The first horse I tried it on was a pacing filly at The Meadowlands with a severely pulled hind suspensory ligament.  The trainer was told she would never get to the races.  She became sound enough to jog after one treatment and went on to race after several once-a-week applications.
(Trainer: Anthony Nock)

United Colors, a trotter, had a bad knee problem and couldn't race to his potential.  I used the QG on the knee and he won the second race after beginning treatment, a mile and a half Invitational trot at The Meadowlands by 6 lengths, was sold, and became the leading trotter at The Meadows.
(Trainer: Tom Haughton)

All Systems A Go C, a trotter with a bad bow and a poor prognosis who had not raced in two years was treated every day with the QG along with Healing Maintenance and Stress-M.  He won on a half-mile track from post 8, hung outside the entire mile and retired 100% sound.

Photo courtesy of Dave Oxford/Saratoga Raceway

Electrojet was a horse who had a very bad bowed tendon when I got him.
The pictures below, left, show his bowed leg open and with an early QG.  The picture below, right shows him working on the farm during treatment.
(Trainer: Joe Bonacorsa)


See Electrojet on the Success Stories page for an amazing result.

Law N Order was a 9yo pacer of mine with many serious leg problems.
The picture below is of him winning at Yonkers Raceway.  The QG was used on him regularly.
(Trainer: Dave Mattia,  Driver here: Mark Beckwith)

See Law N Order on the Success Stories page for an amazing result.

Suntara, our thoroughbred mare, had some lameness problems racing on the flat. She had shown some tendencies to jump, so we tried training her over the hurdles.  The QG was used regularly, and she proved capable of racing under extremely difficult conditions.  She got her maiden jumping win in the Peapack, a Grade III Stake, winning by 18 lengths over a trying 2 and 1/4 mile course.
(Trainer: Paul Rowland, Rider: Paddy Young)

Wollaston Bay who had been soundly beaten by the odds-on favorite wasn't given much chance in the 2007 Fred "Cappy" Capossela Stake at Aqueduct.  Using irisdiagnosis, I found a hind end problem and applied the QG to the area.  He won the stake wire to wire, impressively. 
(Trainer: Gary Sciacca, Assistant Trainer: Paul Barone, Jockey: Shaun Bridgmohan)

These are pictures of the horse being treated the day before the race.
(The entire area between the body and the right hock is affected)

The QG is being worked on in the areas of types of sets to be offered, packaging, and pricing.  If you are interested, or just intrigued, check this part of the site from time to time for announcements


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There will be more examples and more information about the product added to the site.