Stories of Horses
Treated with the Products, Services, and the QG:

Client confidentiality prevents me from relating some of the successes.  Some trainers ask to keep stories about their horses private and, of course, I do.  The following are either about horses that the trainer or owner have no problem with my telling about them, horses that were treated successfully years ago, and my own horses.  Notably missing due to client confidentiality are stories such as winning a 1 1/2 mile Breeder's Cup race and major stakes outside the country.

Electrojet - A famous old thoroughbred gelding who had won almost $500,000.  A chronic bowed tendon finally gave out after one of my clients had claimed him.  To keep him from the "killer" I bought him for $1.  He could hardly walk.  When word got around Belmont Park that I was trying to bring him back it was called "Mission Impossible".  I was forced to get him off the track grounds.  I took on a friend, one of the best trainers and leg men in the thoroughbred and standardbred businesses (Joe Bonacorsa) as a partner and we worked on him together.  Besides a herbal healing program and Joe's expertise, we used the QG on him regularly.  He did come back and won 2 races at Atlantic City and Monmouth by open lengths and was claimed.  More pictures on the QG page.
(Trainers: Joe Bonacorsa and Gene Lotti, Jr., Jockey: Luis Rivera)

Madok, Thoroughbred with hind end problems was on several of the products and the QG.  Won several races at Belmont Park.
(Trainer: Angel Cordero, Jockey: John Velazquez)

Lingerie Hanover - I bought her for $3,500 as an early 3yo pacing filly who had had 18 starts and done nothing.  After using various combinations of the mixtures and the QG, the Mare Repro and Herbal Tie-Up Powder did the trick and she began winning.  She won $70,000 including a minor stake.  She was claimed for $18,000 and slowly went downhill.  I bought her back a year later, again for $3,500, when she couldn't come close for a $4,000 claiming tag.  Since then she won 5 races for me and got a new lifetime record at age 7.  She was claimed from me again and has not been able to race anywhere near the same level since then.  We tried to buy her back but, unfortunately, couldn't.  She has $130,000 lifetime earnings.
(Trainer: Dave Mattia, Driver here: Billy Parker, Jr.)

Law N Order - 9yo pacer who had earned $200,000 lifetime but had developed severe leg problems.  My vet, who had been treating him unsuccessfully for a year, dared me to buy him and see if I could bring him back.  I took the dare and bought him for $1,000.  We used many of the products, such as the TS-Patches, on him as well as the QG and he won 5 races for us - the last by 8 lengths.  He was claimed and went downhill quickly.  I heard he was being mistreated and bought him back for $1,000.  He was brought back to the races again and sold, winning many more races in Maine.
(Trainer: Dave Mattia, Driver here: George Brennan, Owner: Me, on the left)

Kassa Girl - 5yo pacing mare who had seen better days and had deteriorated into an unsuccessful $4,000 claimer.  I bought her for $2,500.  She appeared to have been on Epogen and showed the residual effects of it.  I put her on a detoxifying program of my mixtures, concentrating on Maintenance, and applied the QG regularly.  She started winning and won 9 races that year at Yonkers Raceway, her best in a $20,000 claimer.
(Trainer: Dave Mattia, Driver here: Matt Romano)

Season's Comorant - Thoroughbred filly was put on a herbal program, given Impact Bodywork regularly, and raced on PR.  Under a jockey who had never won a race, she won wire to wire at Aqueduct and paid $164 to win.
(Trainer: Dieter K. Held, Jockey: Apprentice Jackie Sherman)
(That's me on the left)

Sunny Nany - Older $5,000 claiming thoroughbred mare hadn't gotten a check in many starts.  Put on Herbal Immune and raced with Impact Bodywork and PR. She won easily and paid $158 at Meadowlands.
(Trainer: Michael Pearson, Jockey: Apprentice John Velazquez)

Where's Taylor, classy, though arthritic, horse couldn't get back to the races.  He was put on All Purpose and a few of the other mixtures and won several stakes, including the Mardi Gras Stakes at the Fair Grounds in 2002.
(Trainers: Michael Stidham and Hilary Pridham)

Kissin Prince - (See the link on "Broken Bones").
The picture on the left shows him winning his first race back for us in 1:56.3 at Yonkers Raceway.  On the right, winner's circle at Meadowlands, New Years 1994.
(Trainer: Dave Mattia, Drivers here: Rejean Daigneault and Ron Pierce)
(That's me on the right in the picture on the right)

Jet Jockey, a high-class pacer at Meadowlands some years ago, was a notoriously nasty and difficult horse to work on.  After having given him Impact Bodywork weekly before each race with help, I was able to go into his stall alone, stand in the corner, and give a few taps with the hammer.  When he heard the hammer's noise he would come to me, give me his head to put in crossties, and enjoy the hammering.  His trainer, when told about this, didn't believe it could be done.  I bet him I could, and won the bet.  I could do it every time.
(Trainer: Roy Madeira)

Danzig's Dance a 5yo Thoroughbred was purchased for $35,000 but could not be seriously trained because he couldn't sweat (anhydrosis).  He resumed serious training soon after starting on the Sweat Stimulant mixture and won 5 races, three of them stakes, and $250,000.  I gave him Impact Bodywork twice a week during that time.  Whenever I finished, he would put his head on my chest in appreciation.
(Trainer: John Parisella, Assistant Trainer: Mike Hull, Jockey: Jorge Chavez)

Unbridled's Song - The top 2yo thoroughbred of his year with undiagnosed problems at age 3.  Using irisdiagnosis, I determined that he had ulcers and I treated him with Stomach Powder.  He recovered within a month on 1 bag.  The last time I saw him I offered to give him Impact Bodywork.  I was told he would try to kill me, but I tried anyway.  After a few shots on the neck, he relaxed and let me do him completely without incident.
(He is currently standing at stud for a fee of $150,000.)
(Owner: Paraneck Stable)

Gus - A giant 19yo Thoroughbred/Clydesdale "pony" at Meadowlands had a septic hock and severe hind-end atrophy.  He was to be put down as incurable.  I put him on heavy doses of Herbal Immune and gave him Impact Bodywork several times a week during that time.  He recovered completely, returning to work ponying thoroughbred race horses for several years more.
(Owner/Trainer: Heather Smallwood)

Lotsa Color - An ordinary aged pacer had a friend of mine take over his training.  We put him on several of the herbal mixtures.  In two weeks he raced back at the Meadowlands and won, getting a new lifetime record, paying $152 to win.
(Trainer: Andy Nowalski, Driver: Eddie Davis)

Cayster - A talented but highstrung 2yo trotting filly was very difficult to drive.  She raced in the $100,000 New Jersey Sire Stakes final out of post 10, using Calm, and won by 3 lengths.  Her driver reported that she was much easier to drive.
(Trainer: Ivan Amos, Driver: Bill O'Donnell)

Ernie Burner - 2yo pacing colt racing on PR and Impact Bodywork beat the 2yo Pacing Colt of the Year (Camtastic) in the $100,000 New Jersey Sire Stakes Final, giving him his only defeat.
(Trainer: Howard Camden, Driver: Ron Waples)

Link - 3yo Thoroughbred colt was purchased for a large sum but bled through 10cc Lasix even during workouts.  He had been treated for several months unsuccessfully.  After only 13 days on Herbal Immune he won a $50,000 stake by 5 lengths.
(Stable: Howard Tesher, Trainer: Carlos Figeroa)

Avie Jane - A Thoroughbred mare who was claimed for $50,000 but bled through 10cc Lasix.  She was put on Herbal Immune and raced with PRP.  She won 6 races in a row, including 2 stakes, registered the fastest time of the meet, and defeated a Grade 1 mare.
(Trainer: Gene Lotti)

Cullin Hanover - Aged pacer who had won the $1,000,000 2yo Woodrow Wilson Pace a few years before couldn't repeat his earlier performances for the next 2 years.  With Impact Bodywork, several mixtures, and PR to race on he won 3 out of his next 4 races with impressive final quarters, lowered his lifetime record, and went over the million dollar lifetime earnings mark.
(Trainer: Richard Thomas, Driver: Eddie Davis)

Trueytoo - Young thoroughbred filly racing at Aqueduct was high-strung and very nervous in the paddock before racing.  She would use too much energy and sweat in the paddock, leaving nothing for her race.  Herbal Calm-PR prevented that here. Weaving between horses, she came from 6th and won going away in 1:10.4.
Trainer: Gary Sciacca, Ass't Trainer: Paul Barone, Jockey: Shaun Bridgmohan

Irgun - 3yo Thoroughbred shipped in to New York for the Wood Memorial and went off his feed.  He was put on the Tonic Liquid and returned to eating normally.  He won the stake, beating Go For Gin.
(Trainers: Steve Young and John Parisella, Jockey: Gary Stevens)

Arcturus - Prominent show horse developed heaves.  He was given a modified form of Herbal Immune and all symptoms disappeared, allowing him to compete normally and successfully.

Incredible K -
(See the link on "Herbal Immune").
This horse was on Herbal Immune since age 3.  The photo shows him winning the Billings Amateur Trot at age 17.  (Owner/Trainer/Driver: Kevin Bonacorsa)

Midas Almahurst - Winner of 1/2 $million and a top pacer of his time was put into stud but couldn't get any of his mares in foal.  I put him on a herbal program and he served 4 mares, getting them all in foal.  They all delivered and the offspring raced.

Fool's Twilight - Pacing filly at Meadowlands who had lost motor control of her hind end (not EPM).  She was so bad that her tail could be placed back over her spine and it would stay there.  She was sent to Cornell where she was diagnosed with "cauda equina neuritis".  The trainer was advised to have her put down.  I gave her Impact Bodywork hammer treatments for a few days.  She recovered, and returned to training and racing.
(Trainer: Ed Trimmer)

Prince Keith - 3yo trotting gelding was too hot to drive.  He was put on Herbal Calm, finishing 4th in a heat of the Hambletonian and then broke the track record at Freehold Raceway.  He was sold and sent to Sweden where he returned to his old habits.  I had to send him a supply of Herbal Calm so he could race.
(Trainer: Stig Anderson, Driver: Luc Oulette)

Lenny's Wild Again - Thoroughbred with EPM.  He was treated only with EPM Powder and won 2 races.  He was claimed by a noted claiming trainer, who never got him to race again.
(Trainer: Rita Nash)

A top Steeplechaser in England had a very serious, "incurable", sinus infection and was to be put down.  The owner, who was given a bag of Herbal Immune by a visiting client of mine, gave it to the horse in desperation.  The horse recovered and the owner called to tell me the horse won.

Midgets' Lad - Champion Show pony foundered twice and avoided walking and any exercise.  Put on Foot Mixture in October 2001.  By November he was running around comfortably and being ridden.
(Trainer: Suzanne Fisher)

Mad River Glenn - 9 year-old Thoroughbred I treated when he raced.  Although he had a chronically bad knee, the QG helped keep him racing sound.  He was later retired to new owners and trained for Equitation, Jumping, Eventing, and Dressage.  He popped a splint and went lame.  TS Patches were used and Glenn became sound shortly.  He was put back in training.
(Trainer (racing): Marialice Coffey, Jockey: Filiberto Leon)
(Owners now): Sarah and Sophie Lowe, Trainer: Sarah Lowe)

Nukleah Autumn, beautiful, well-bred Standardbred filly was purchased by me for $1,500 off the Amish truck.  She had no apparent problems except for waxing on her teats, and we wondered why she had been sold so cheaply.  I put her on the Mare Repro and she was trained and raced without incident for a few weeks.  Then I got a frantic call from her trainer asking me to send more Repro as soon as possible.  He had run out of the mixture and the filly became a rogue.  It turned out that that was the reason for her having been sold.  When she again got the mixture she returned to normal.
(Trainer: Dave Mattia)

Northville, thoroughbred mare with a right front ankle in which X-rays showed no cartilage.  She was to be retired as unraceable.  The QG was applied twice a week.  She amazed the vets by continuing training and winning $70,000 more.  Follow up X-rays showed no change but the ankle was sound and safe.  The picture shows her winning at Aqueduct during the period the QG was being used.
(Trainer: Marialice Coffey, Jockey: Eddie Maple)

Stalwart Member, a Thoroughbred gelding who was to be retired after having earned $400,000, with a mysterious hind quarter lameness which was not pinpointed and didn't respond to veterinary treatment.  After several weeks of QG applications and Impact Bodywork he returned to the track, then to racing.  Since that time he earned about $400,000 more and raced in stakes, without further need for the QG.  The QG made it unnecessary to find the precise spot and was completely effective..
(Trainer: Howard Tesher)

Sweetzie, thoroughbred mare with ankle and hind end problems.  I used the QG on her regularly and when she raced, along with Impact Bodywork.  She won several stakes and always gave a good account of herself.  The photo shows Sweetzie winning The Long Island Handicap - Grade II at Aqueduct.
(Trainer: Rita Nash, Jockey: Jorge Chavez)

Toop, small thoroughbred mare with an undiagnosed right hind end problem.  The QG was applied before racing.  The picture shows her at Aqueduct coming from last to win an Allowance race.
(Trainer: Marialice Coffey, Jockey: Eddie Maple)

Count On Dolly, my pride and joy, a 5yo maiden thoroughbred mare who had never hit the board in lower maiden claimers and was to be retired as economically uncompetitive.  I acquired her from her breeder/owner, put her on a herbal program with Herbal Immune as the primary component, and had her prepared by a Standardbred trainer.  After a few months she broke her maiden at Meadowlands winning a $14,000 purse in a 5 1/2 furlong Maiden $5,000 race as shown in the picture.
(Trainer: Charles Norway, Jockey: Apprentice Luis Chavez)

She was later turned over to a good thoroughbred trainer client of mine (note the absence of blinkers and shadow roll in the remainder of her races), put on a more complete herbal program, including All-Purpose, and taken off Lasix.  On August 12, 2003 she won a 7 furlong $15,000 claimer at Philadelphia Park by 6 1/2 lengths and paid $43 to win (picture below).
(Trainer: Dieter K. Held, Jockey: Apprentice Pedro Luis Cotto, Jr.)

Improving further, she finished 2nd in a $100,000 claimer at Meadowlands in October.  13 days later she won the 1 mile and 70 yard  $100,000 claimer at the Meadowlands (picture below).
(Trainer: Dieter K. Held, Jockey: Jose Velez, Jr.)

On May 13, 2004, she finished 2nd by 1/2 length in a 1 mile Allowance race at Atlantic City on the turf
(Trainer: Dieter K. Held, Jockey: Apprentice Michael Baze)

On October 27, 2005, Count On Dolly won a $45,000, 1 1/16 mile Allowance Race by 1 1/2 lengths, coming from 7th, going away, on the main track at the Meadowlands. She paid $25.20 to win. (Age: 8)
(Trainer: Dieter K. Held, Jockey: Jose Velez, Jr.)

Dolly was claimed from me as a 10-year-old before I could breed her.  Having been on most of my herbal mixtures, she was never on Lasix during the 5 years I had her.  Her new owner and trainer put her on Lasix and raced her a few times after which she broke down and was retired.

Ardick's Buddy Boy, 10 year old $4,000 claiming pacer.  He was bought by Dr. Sam Sbarra (who does very effective chiropractic work on my own horses) to drive in the Spring Amateur Driving Series.  We put him on a simple herbal program to address his problems.  He won 4 races, including the Final, giving Dr. Sam the Amateur Driver's title.  His win in the Final at Meadowlands was a new lifetime record.  He continued to race successfully in pari-mutuel races.
(Owner/Trainer/Driver: Dr. Samuel Sbarra)

Tour Dance - Thoroughbred was plagued with serious bouts of "thumps".  He was put on a special mixture for a few weeks.  He won his next start at Tampa Bay Downs by 3 3/4 lengths after being bumped 3 times in the race.  No thumps.
(Owner: Irish Acres Farm; Trainer: P. Noel Hickey; Jockey: Apprentice J. Charkoudian)

Mystical Beauty, 5yo thoroughbred mare, was claimed by us at Calder, put on an extensive herbal program, treated with the QG, and meticulously cared for and trained.  She finished 3rd, 2nd, then won by 5 3/4 lengths.  She then was raised in class, won by 3 1/2 lengths, getting the highest speed rating of her life, and was claimed out of the race.
(Trainer: Mike Hull, Jockey: Richard Bracho)

A new client used Herbal Immune on four steeplechase horses racing on a weekend. Three of them won. One week later, one of the winners, Preemptive Strike, won a $75,000 stake by 5 lengths at the Meadowlands.
(Trainer: Paul Rowland)

Suntara, 5yo thoroughbred mare, partially owned by myself, was converted into a steeplechase competitor. She remained a maiden while finishing 2nd and 3rd 7 times.  Entered in a $50,000 Grade 3 stake at Far Hills, she broke her maiden, winning by 18 1/2 lengths on a deep, wet course, beating two of Jonathan Sheppard's fillies.  The QG was used regularly.
(Trainer: Paul Rowland, Rider: Paddy Young)

Zachery B. Good, 5YO Thoroughbred horse who last raced in January, 2007 and broke a bone in his hock.  He was put on Healing Maintenance, Stress-M, All-Purpose, and several other of the mixtures in February, 2008.  He healed perfectly and raced back for the first time at Evangeline Downs on April 24, 2008.  He won wire-to-wire.
(Trainer: Joe King, Jockey: Donald Edward Simington)

After some poor races, Zachery got a few months off and raced again on November 29th where he finished 2nd at 24-1.
(Trainer: Joe King, Jockey: Eddie Martin, Jr.)

On April 15, 2009 Zachery raced again at Evangeline Downs, got pinched at the start, then closed fast to finish third at 46-1.
(Jockey: Shane Laviolette)

On July 8, 2009 He raced again at Evangeline Downs.  He took the lead in the slop and set a fast pace, got headed at the top of the stretch and came back to win, paying $13 for the win.
(Jockey: Gerard Melancon)

Birdseed, my latest project.  Big, beautiful 7yo Thoroughbred mare I was given by a client owner when she could no longer race.  She was turned over to the same trainer we had such success with Count On Dolly and put on a complete herbal program.  She was put back into training and taken to Finger Lakes Racetrack.  The QG and every appropriate mixture of mine was used.  She raced back after 2 years away from racing and finished 3rd in her first start.   Her next race was in a tough non-winners of 4 lifetime starts Allowance where she finished 2nd. 
(Trainer: Dieter K. Held, Jockey: Elaine Castillo)

As the Finger Lakes meet was closing, Birdseed was shipped to Penn National where she won a non-winners of 4 lifetime starts $25,000 claimer easily after traveling 200 miles, being squeezed back to last at the start on a sloppy track, with a jockey who was 3 pounds overweight.  This was the best race of her life.
(Trainer: Dieter K. Held, Jockey: Taylor Hole)

Progress will be continued here. 

Best Magic, 4yo Pacer recently changed trainers and I evaluated him as having a chronic throat infection using Irisdiagnosis.  He was put on Herbal Immune and All-Purpose and won two weeks later at Meadowlands, paying $127 to win and getting a new lifetime record of 1:51.4.
(Trainer: David Mattia, Driver: Luc Oulette)

Twotowin, 5yo Pacing gelding was recently claimed at Yonkers Raceway for $10,000. He was put on All-Purpose Mixture and won a $30,000 claimer on March 6, 2009 at Yonkers.
He won a $40,000 claimer at Yonkers on April 10, 2009.
(Trainer: Robert Bruno, Driver: Steve Smith)

Backseat Rhythm, Thoroughbred filly I evaluated as high-class before she began racing.  I put her on a herbal program using Maintenance, Repro, Immune, All-Purpose, and Stomach Powder and hammered her once each week.  I was told that she needed no vet work at all.  While I treated her she won among other races, the Lake Placid Grade II Stake at Belmont and the Garden City Grade I Stake at Saratoga.  She was one of the top turf distance fillies in the country.  She was sent to one of the most prominent trainers but could do nothing.  I offered the trainer to continue working with her, but was not given the opportunity.  She was then sent to amother of the most prominent trainers, but again did nothing.  She was finally retired to be bred to Big Brown. 
(Trainer: Pat Reynolds, Owner: Paul Pompa, Jr.)
Photo: Adam Coglianese
More such stories will be added to this site