The following are testimonials from clients who have purchased my products or used my services: 

November, 2008
(Client's mare had a serious infection - guttural pouch mycosis.  Herbal Immune was sent in mid-September.) 

"... we finally had her scoped today and were prepared to start an aggressive 10 day treatment of flushing my mares pouches with an anti-fungal drug.

However... when the vet went in with the scope/camera - we finally saw what I pretty much already knew... The infection was gone!  Not a trace of it.  Which is amazing because just a few months ago the fungus was sitting right on the carotid artery getting ready to eat through it and kill her - and I was looking at having to put my horse down because I could not afford coil embolization surgery.  Unbelievable!  You saved my horse and I am so so happy."

JB, Maryland

November, 2008
(Uses All-Purpose on all his Standardbreds)

"My highest recommendation."

Robert Bruno, Yonkers, NY

November, 2008
33yo Thoroughbred with lymphatic swelling and arthritis issues

"Too Tall is doing super.  You've improved his life soooooo much.  Thank you. "

Cheryl Cobb, Connecticut